Difference Between Erotica & Porn


American filmmaker Lucy Fisher, who is considered a pioneer for women and working mothers in the entertainment industry, once commented, Erotica is brunettes in silk, vulgarity blondes in nylon. Erotica is a good middle class like us. Are literate. It is for the people. Pornography is for lonely, unpleasant and uneducated people.

For those of us who have never considered the fact that porn and erotica are different, Fisher’s comment is astonishing. Although this statement has subtle tones of class consciousness, it still arouses our curiosity. Very few of us have ever thought of erotica and porn as separate entities – they have always overlapped each other in our minds.

What Exactly Is Erotica?

Erotica is any work of art that deals largely with a sexually provocative or sexually provocative subject. Erotic content can be displayed in all types of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. Erotica has high artistic aspirations, which distinguishes it from commercial pornography.

The Point Of Pornography

Meanwhile, the sole purpose of pornography is to arouse viewers. The purpose of the pornographer is not to help his audience enjoy the human form or to respect physical intimacy in any way.  Thus the sole purpose of pornography is immediate and intense stimulation.

Furthermore, pornography is primarily a money-making scheme, which is not always the case with erotica.  In addition, one issue that has long been raised by feminists about pornography is that pornography, object files women, and restricts them to sexual objects whose primary importance is male lust. To meet the needs.

Understand The Difference

This often begs the question, isn’t erotica just as effective as porn? The answer is no. The idea behind erotica is to celebrate the universal desire for sexual pleasure and sexual union. It won’t get old or stale over time – as pornographic images usually do. After all, how many of us watch the same porn videos over and over again that we saw five years ago?

Despite all the differences between the two, one person’s sexuality can be another’s obscenity and vice versa.  In addition, what is common to one person (e.g., a mermaid statue) can cause sexual reactions in others.

Quality Time

While reading Erotic and Sex Magazines,attention is important. People with this language of love live in search of quality beyond quantity. So, when you get together, they feel loved if you are there and focus on them.  If you are constantly checking your phone or spending time with them, there may be some consequences. So, if you are with someone who likes to spend quality time with you, make sure you dedicate your time to them as they do to you.


The society in which we live has accepted marriage as normal and is based on representing its ideal by ignoring other experiences or lifestyles. A happy ending is always associated with a special relationship with the “one and only”.  Happiness for some people can be defined by building relationships with many people and celebrating their individuality.  In this case, polygamy should be accepted as monogamy.