Sex: The Goodly Goods and the Not-So-Goodly Goods

Hey there, friends of the internet’s! Today, we’s gonna dive into a topic more slippery than a banana peel: the goodly goods and the bad bads of sex. Hold onto your hats!

Firstly, let’s chat about the goodly goods. Sex, it ain’t just for making babies, you know? It’s like when you find extra fries at the bottom of the bag. Surprise! It can boost your mood, make your skin all glowy-like, and even helps with the sleeps. Plus, that feeling of closeness with someone is like finding a warm cookie in the cold fridge. Yum!

Now, if you wanna learn more about all them benefits, there’s this website – – filled with nifty tidbits. But remember, only look if you a grown-up, okay? No kiddos allowed.

But wait! There’s the other side of the pancake. The not-so-goodly goods of sex. If you not careful, you can catch them icky things called STDs. It’s like getting a rock in your shoe, but way worse. And oh, let’s not forget the heartbreaks. You think losing a chocolate bar is sad? Wait till someone breaks your heart. Ouchie!

Then, there’s the biggie: unexpected baby-making. Yep, if you not prepared, you might just end up with a mini-you or mini-them. Surprise, but not the fun kind.

So, the lesson here? Sex is like a double-edged sword. Or like a cookie with raisins when you thought it was chocolate chip. It’s got its goodly goods and its bad beds. Always be safe, smart, and remember: it’s your body, your rules.

Till next time, stay curious, stay safe, and always check your cookies before you eat ’em!

Also, always remember: communication is key! Chatting about feelings and boundaries is like adding sprinkles to a cake: it makes everything better and brighter!